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Beginning from a single class 10 years ago, the Al-Fitrah Learning Center has always maintained the goal of educating and empowering young Muslims through knowledge, growth, and faith


Our Organization


The Al-Fitrah Learning Center is an organization run by sister Aminah Ega to educate the next generation of young Muslims. The aim is to build on the innate nature of the human being that Allah has placed within every human, as stated in the Qur'an (Chapter 30, Verse 30). The faculty teaches the young children the basics of the religion upon the Quran and Sunnah. The curriculum including tawheed, fiqh, tafseer, adab (manners) and more.

In addition to religious studies, the center heavily encourages the youth to continue to do post- secondary education, get permissible jobs and increase community work. The faculty builds relationships with every individual youth and bring them to Allah, by His permission, in a sincere and effective manner. The Muslim youth today are in need of consistent classes, availability of Islamic books, and a place they can feel safe, loved and cared for.


Al-Fitrah Learning Center ensures the growth of Muslim youth for success in their religion, whilst simultaneously bringing success and growth to their Canadian communities. The Center is building the next generation of successful Muslim youth, granting success in both dunya and aakhira — never neglecting the rights of Allah, as well as their civic duties as Canadians.